The millennials are increasingly representing a larger part of the consumers in our country and Faustino Rivero, attentive to consumer trends, knows it. Therefore they are launching a new range called Wine Lovers dedicated to them. The millennials, the generation of people born between the 80's and the mid 90's, are changing consumption habits. They are looking for more of an experience and being guided more by the image of the product than by other factors. There are three wines dedicated to three characters: cachas (semi-sweet white), choni (verdejo) and the Iberian macho (cabernet sauvignon, shyrah and merlot).

Rodrigo Espinosa, oenologist in charge of the winery, reveals that they have created a product that is "easy to drink, focused on primary aromas, with lots of fruit". Regarding the creation of this new proposal, he acknowledges that these wines "are not crianza, we are exclusively looking for the aromatic profile of the variety, with a very easy finish".

"Wine Lovers is the perfect wine for you to introduce yourself into the world of wine."