In 1985 after Jesús Rivero’s (4th generation) trip to Germany, the idea, developed within a context of permanent evolution and great dynamism, to produce his own wines in Navarra had arisen.


Thanks to the area’s natural conditions, DO Navarra wines offer a wide range of possibilities including: the famous rosé wines, juicy young reds, delicious chardonnay whites, and great aging reds.

One of the main characteristics that defines the D.O. Navarra is the great diversity of landscapes and climates across the more than 100 kilometers that separate the northern area, located near Pamplona, from the south, nestled on the banks of the Ebro.

And it is in Navarra that an exceptional situation, practically unique to the Iberian Peninsula, occurs: the convergence of the Atlantic, continental, and Mediterranean climates. The proximity of the Bay of Biscay, the influence of the Pyrenees, and the bonanza of the Ebro valley create these varied conditions.



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